About all VOLVO Truck

About all volvo truck

Volvo VNX series

The Volvo VNX is built specifically for the needs of heavy-haul trucking operations. Available with up to 605 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque, the VNX provides the power and performance demanded for heavy-haul applications such as logging, machinery transport, and long combination vehicles.

Volvo VNR series

The Volvo VNR represents the future of regional haul. This truck does not compromise, delivering productivity and efficiency with quality and long-haul amenities.

Volvo VAH series

Maximizes freight and efficiency. The VAH series employs a unique configuration that reduces overall height to provide the ultimate loading flexibility.

Volvo VHD series

Serious off-highway capability and premium on-highway features are combined in our versatile vocational performer, the VHD. Equipped with the Volvo integrated drivetrain, the VHD has the brawn required for vocational hauling and the brains to minimize operating costs.

Volvo VNL series

The Volvo VNL is built for the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—long-haul trucking operations. The VNL delivers a new level of efficiency, along with premium comfort and amenities.

Volvo VM

 Volvo VM

Versions galore mean that there’s a Volvo VM that suits your requirements. Finding the right truck has never been easier – and productivity benefits as a result. Crossing the country from the north to the south? Or distributing goods in tight city traffic? A Volvo VM is a perfect choice for any assignment. It’s easy to tailor it depending on your requirements. Making transportation productive and economical.

Volvo FL

 Volvo FL

Meeting the challenges posed by city distribution – with real efficiency. Agile, efficient and easy to drive. The smallest Volvo truck works well in a wide range of applications. It’s perfect for urban transportation. But it’s also available in a 4×4 version with higher ground clearance, for rougher road conditions.

Volvo FE


For distribution, light construction, utilities and refrigerated transport. Tackles challenges with real efficiency. Designed for distribution. Easy to load and unload. Provides a comfortable and spacious environment in which to work. Equipped with legendary power and performance, combined with simple manoeuvrability and true safety. Presenting the Volvo FE.

Volvo FMX – Always delivers, on and off the road

Some tasks need to run smoothly even when the conditions are challenging. The Volvo FMX is our most robust construction truck to date and can tackle really tough terrain when needed. The cab is new, offers more space and excellent visibility along with a driver interface with an adaptable digital instrument display. The Volvo FMX combines a low instep and powertrains with up to 540 hp and a wide range of drive axle options. This truck will make the toughest assignments easier – whether there’s a road or not.

Volvo FM – the mobile office

A busy schedule demands the right tools to make the everyday life run even smoother. The Volvo FM is the active driver’s first choice and combines excellent comfort with agility, convenience and outstanding visibility. It’s an ergonomic workplace for drivers whether the job is about getting in and out of the cab, negotiating busy highways or doing paperwork. The chassis can be tailored for any task and powertrain options enable a perfect match – including the gas-powered Volvo FM LNG that reduces the environmental footprint. This is a truck tailored for the driver’s workday.

Volvo FH – the ultimate long haul experience

This is a long haul icon. For life lived out on the road, the Volvo FH is a truck that shines in safety and comfort over the longest stretches. It optimises uptime and fuel efficiency, and offers an outstanding driver environment. Innovative solutions like the fuel saving I-Save and the gas-powered Volvo FH LNG reduces the environmental footprint even in long haul transport. The driver interface offers a fully adaptable digital instrument display designed to help drivers keep the hands on the steering wheel and full attention forward. The new Volvo FH is, simply put, better in every way.

Volvo FH16 – balancing power and comfort to perfection

When life on the road calls for nothing but the best. The Volvo FH16 offers power to work efficiently and a level of comfort that makes it all less of a strain. It’s the perfect match for the heaviest assignments. The exterior design hints that this truck is a notch above everything else in power and comfort. A powertrain that puts out up to 750 hp lets the Volvo FH16 pull combination weights up to 325 tonnes with ease. And the unique interior offers a comfortable working environment. This is an industry icon and a reliable tool.

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