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Different kinds of volvo truck model FL,FH16,FH,FMX,FM,FE

Except for DAF truck, other European famous trucks VOLVO SCANIA BENZ MAN IVECO already entered Chinese market. These import trucks have their own advantages and advanced technology, including transmission system, drive system, driver system and so on. Every truck have own true-hearted fans. Let’s look at the characteristics of Swedish brand– VOLVO this time. VOLVO […]

The “Audi RS” in the truck industry, a limited model of this flagship truck from Germany’s MAN, has a really high configuration

On February 11, 2020, German MAN released a new generation of TG series models. The new models released by MAN this time are more complete and have stronger professional advantages in various specialized transportation applications. Undoubtedly, the advent of the new generation of MAN models has brought inexhaustible impetus to the low-carbon and energy-saving development […]

Swedish heavy-duty truck manufacturer Scania abandons hydrogen trucks and switches to battery electric vehicles

Hydrogen will definitely happen. It is a convenient (albeit inefficient) way of storing, transporting and exporting clean energy. It provides a huge energy density advantage for zero-emission aviation and shipping. Many people expect it to be found in long-distance truck transportation. Convincing’s application case, compared with battery trucks that need to be charged for a […]

Ambitious liquid waste specialist brings five new Mercedes-Benz Arocs tankers on stream

20.01.2021 Ambitious liquid waste specialist brings five new Mercedes-Benz Arocs tankers on stream Enforcement of new Direct Vision regulations governing the operation of trucks in Greater London begins on 1 March, but Mercedes-Benz operator Environmental Waste Management can rest easy – irrespective of aftermarket safety aids its latest 6×4 tankers are ‘good to go’ in […]

How did the German factory build trucks! MAN’s manufacturing process was exposed, it turned out to be so complicated and rigorous!

Many people in China, even the media, have misunderstood that the name of the MAN Group means a man. In fact, these three letters are made up of the first letter abbreviation of the company’s predecessor, Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg (Machinery Factory, Augsburg, Nuremberg). MAN’s Euro6 truck manufacturing process Warm reminder: Please watch under WIFI environment! […]