caanass auto chassis connecting rod part spare

caanass auto chassis connecting rod part spare


A truck connecting rod is a rod-like part that connects a piston to a crankshaft. Its function is to transfer the huge pressure of the piston to the crankshaft, so that the crankshaft moves in a circle. The connecting rod is composed of three parts: small head, body and big head of connecting rod. The small head of the connecting rod is a whole with the connecting rod, the hole is equipped with a bronze bushing, and the piston pin is connected with the piston; The section of the bar is I-shaped, which can reduce the mass while ensuring the strength and stiffness, and prevent it from twisting under pressure; The big head of the connecting rod is divided into two parts, the upper part is cast into one with the rod body, and the lower part is the connecting rod bearing cover, which is connected with the upper part by bolts. In order to ensure that the big head of the connecting rod can be smoothly extracted from the cylinder, the connecting rod big head has two forms of flat incision and oblique incision. Two semi-circular connecting rod bearings are installed in the big head of the connecting rod. In order to reduce the friction of the connecting rod journal, a layer of anti-friction alloy is poured on the bearing surface. The positioning between the connecting rod and the bearing cover generally adopts three forms of positioning, such as the stop, according to the tooth shape and the positioning sleeve, to ensure the accurate buckle of the two.


The connecting rod body is composed of three parts, and the part connected with the piston pin is called the connecting rod small head; The part connected with the crankshaft is called the big head of the connecting rod, and the part connecting the small head and the big head is called the connecting rod body.

In order to reduce the wear between the small head and the piston pin, the thin-walled bronze bushing is pressed into the small head hole. Drill or mill grooves into the small heads and bushings to allow the splash of oil to enter the mating surface of the lubricating bushing-piston pin.

The connecting rod body is a long rod, and the force in the work is also large, in order to prevent its bending deformation, the rod body must have enough stiffness. For this reason, the connecting rod body of the vehicle engine mostly adopts the shape I section, which can minimize the mass under the condition that the stiffness and strength are sufficient, and the high-strength engine has the H-shaped section. Some engines use connecting rod small head injection oil cooling piston, which must be drilled through the longitudinal hole in the rod body. In order to avoid stress concentration, the connecting rod body, small head and big head are connected by a large circular smooth transition.

In order to reduce the vibration of the engine, the quality difference of the cylinder connecting rod must be limited to the minimum range, in the factory assembly of the engine, generally in grams as a unit of measurement according to the large and small mass of the connecting rod, the same engine to choose the same group of connecting rod.

On the V-type engine, the corresponding cylinders in the left and right columns share a crank pin, and the connecting rod has three types: parallel connecting rod, fork connecting rod and main and auxiliary connecting rod.


The role of the connecting rod:

1. Deliver momentum

The connecting rod is an important part of the transmission of power in the mechanical system. Through the connection of the connecting rod, the power can be transferred from one part to another part to realize the operation of the mechanical system.

2. Switch exercises

What is a link and what does it do

Through the different shapes of the connecting rod, the movement can be changed. For example, the crank linkage mechanism converts the rotating motion into reciprocating motion through the connecting rod.

3. Adjust your movements

The connecting rod can also be used to adjust the speed and direction of the movement, such as adjusting the length of the connecting rod in the crank connecting rod mechanism, you can change the speed of the reciprocating movement.


Classification of connecting rods:

1. Secure the connecting rod

A fixed connecting rod is a connecting rod that connects two parts without any deformation, such as a crank and connecting rod in a crank connecting rod mechanism.

2. Move the connecting rod

Movable connecting rod refers to a connecting rod that connects two parts and can move freely within a certain range, such as a connecting rod in an engine.

3. Deformed connecting rod

Deformable connecting rod refers to a connecting rod that deforms when working, such as a spring in a car suspension system.


Connecting rod is an indispensable part in the mechanical system, its role is to transfer power, conversion and adjustment, according to different working environments and needs, you can choose different types of connecting rod to achieve the operation of the mechanical system.

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