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The truck shock Absorber is used to suppress the shock of the spring after absorbing the shock and the impact from the road surface. It is widely used in automobiles to accelerate the attenuation of frame and body vibration to improve the ride comfort of automobiles.

When passing through the uneven road surface, although the shock absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road surface, the spring itself will also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to inhibit this spring jumping. If the shock absorber is too soft, the body will jump up and down, and if the shock absorber is too hard, it will bring too much resistance, preventing the normal work of the spring. In the modification process of the suspension system, the hard shock absorber should be matched with the hard spring, and the hardness of the spring is closely related to the weight of the car, so the heavier car generally uses the harder shock absorber. A device connected to an induced crankshaft to counter the torsional vibration of the crankshaft (that is, the phenomenon of the crankshaft twisting under the impact of the cylinder ignition).

Working principle

In order to improve the ride comfort of the car, shock absorbers are installed in parallel with the elastic components in the suspension system. In order to attenuate vibration, the shock absorbers used in the suspension system are mostly hydraulic shock absorbers. The working principle is that when the relative motion occurs between the frame (or body) and the axle due to vibration, the piston in the shock absorber moves up and down. The oil in the shock absorber cavity repeatedly flows from one cavity through different pores into another cavity. At this time, the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecules form a damping force on the vibration, so that the car vibration energy is converted into the oil heat energy, and then absorbed by the shock absorber to the atmosphere. When the oil channel section and other factors are unchanged, the damping force increases or decreases with the relative motion speed between the frame and the axle (or the wheel), and is related to the oil viscosity.

The shock absorber and the elastic element bear the task of shock mitigation and shock absorption, too large damping force will make the suspension elasticity deteriorate, and even make the shock absorber connector damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the contradiction between elastic elements and shock absorbers.

(1) In the compression stroke (the axle and frame are close to each other), the damping force of the shock absorber is small, so as to give full play to the elastic role of the elastic elements and mitigate the impact. At this time, the elastic element plays a major role.

(2) In the suspension stretch travel (the axle and the frame are far away from each other), the damping force of the shock absorber should be large and the shock absorption should be rapid.

(3) When the relative speed between the axle (or wheel) and the axle is too large, the shock absorber is required to automatically increase the liquid flow, so that the damping force is always kept within a certain limit to avoid excessive impact load.

In the automotive suspension system is widely used in the cylinder shock absorber, and in the compression and stretch stroke can play a shock absorber called two-way acting shock absorber, and the use of new shock absorber, including inflatable shock absorber and resistance adjustable shock absorber.

Description of the working principle of the two-way acting cylinder shock absorber: in the compression stroke, the car wheel moves closer to the body, the shock absorber is compressed, and the piston in the shock absorber moves downward. The volume of the lower chamber of the piston is reduced, the oil pressure is increased, and the oil flows through the flow valve to the chamber above the piston (the upper chamber). The upper chamber is occupied by a part of the piston rod space, so the increased volume of the upper chamber is less than the reduced volume of the lower chamber, and a part of the oil is then pushed open the compression valve and flows back to the oil cylinder. The saving of oil by these valves forms the damping force of the suspension under compression motion. When the shock absorber is stretched, the wheel is equivalent to moving away from the body, and the shock absorber is stretched. This is when the piston of the shock absorber moves upward. The oil pressure in the upper chamber of the piston increases, the flow valve is closed, and the oil in the upper chamber is pushed open and flows into the lower chamber. Due to the existence of the piston rod, the oil flowing from the upper chamber is not enough to fill the increased volume of the lower chamber, and the main chamber produces a vacuum degree, then the oil in the storage cylinder pushes the compensation valve 7 into the lower chamber to supplement. Because of the throttle action of these valves, the suspension has a damping effect during the stretch movement.

Because the stiffness and preload force of the stretching valve spring are designed to be larger than that of the compression valve, under the same pressure, the sum of the channel load area of the stretching valve and the corresponding open gap is less than the sum of the cross-sectional area of the compression valve and the corresponding open gap channel. This makes the damping force generated by the stretch stroke of the shock absorber greater than the damping force of the compression stroke, and meets the requirements of rapid shock absorption.

Product use

In order to accelerate the attenuation of frame and body vibration and improve the ride comfort (comfort) of the car, shock absorbers are installed inside the suspension system of most cars.

The shock absorption system of automobile is composed of spring and shock absorber. The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the body, but to suppress the shock of the spring after absorbing the shock and absorb the energy of the road impact. The spring plays a role in softening the impact, changing the “large energy one shock” into “small energy multiple shocks”, and the shock absorber is gradually reducing the “small energy multiple shocks”. If you have ever driven a car with a broken shock absorber, you can experience the bounce of the car after every pothole, and the shock absorber is designed to suppress this bounce. No shock absorber will not be able to control the rebound of the spring, the car will have a serious bounce when it encounters the rough road, and will also cause the loss of tire grip and tracking because of the shock of the spring up and down when turning.

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