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Truck body parts, mainly some body parts of the truck, including healamp,headlights, rearlight, taillights,taillamp, front windshields, fog lights, front bumpers,
Rear bumper, shift handle, door lock, wiper arm, fog lamp,fog light, wiper motor,wiper arm, shift line, valve line, combination switch, door lock.
, combined instrumentation.
Caanass’s body parts are mainly suitable for truck scania,for man,for daf, for Renault,for iveco, for volvo,for Mercedes trucks.
Parts of the truck body spare parts style complete, complete parts, including headlamp have headlights, rear lamp, taillights, fog lights, which of the headlights, we have a complete OEM number.
The number of the truck and the model of the lamp. Headlights mainly play a warning role in the process of driving the truck driver, in bad weather, in fog weather, in
Cloudy weather, play the role of traffic safety, let us appear safe.
Caanass’s auto spare parts body spare parts are mainly door locks, barn door locks, this part is mainly used to protect the safety of the property of the truck, in the transport of goods
In the process, reduce the truck driver’s cargo loss.
Caanass auto body spare parts Front bumper, rear bumper, bumper is to absorb and slow the external impact, protect the front and back of the body safety assembly
Buy. Many years ago, the front and rear/tail bumpers of trucks were stamped with steel plates into channels, riveted or welded together with the longitudinal beams of the truck frame, and the truck body parts has one Segment with large gaps.
Caanass truck auto spare parts body parts shift line, shift handle, the shift handle is mainly automatic, manual mode, shift cable is the shift rod before and after hanging
In gear, the lower part of the gear lever is connected to the transmission cable.
Caanass auto parts body spare parts main wiper arm, wiper blade, wiper motor, these spare parts mainly belong to wiper parts, in cloudy weather, is
A tool for simple cleaning on the front glass of a truck to prevent rain and other dirt from affecting the view.
Caanass Truck auto spare parts body spare parts mainly have combined switches, combined instruments, which combined switches in the electrical control line, one is often used as a power supply
The switch can be used to directly start or stop the low-power motor or make the motor turn forward and backward; Combined instrumentation is mainly the intersection of man and truck
The mutual interface provides the driver with the required truck operation parameters, faults, mileage and other information, which is an essential auto spare part of every truck.
Kline of automotive body parts is mainly suitable for European models mainly scania, man, Volvo, daf, iveco, Renault, Mercedes TRUCK
The main target/gold markets are mainly area Russia, Africa, Asia, and South America.
Body parts for Caanass truck spare parts:
1. The OEM number is complete
2. Complete parts, model, size, color
3. Complete range of models for European trucks.
4. Good quality
5. Price advantage, we have a large number of cooperative dealers, buyers, wholesalers, caanass auto body spare parts mission is “to create value for customers”
6. The market is wide, there are target countries in Africa and Asia to cooperate with us. We uphold the values of “honest cooperation, reverence for customers”.

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