caanass Truck tail light Truck tail lamp Truck rear lamp Truck rear lamp

caanass Truck tail light Truck tail lamp Truck rear lamp Truck rear lamp

(1) Introduction of the truck rear lamp:
Brake lights, referred to as brake lights, commonly known as brake lights, are used to remind the vehicle behind the car has taken braking measures warning lights. It is mounted on the truck tail light, red, and when the truck is braked, the line is connected and the light automatically emits.
(2) Characteristics of the truck rear lamp:
Because the brake light is of great importance to the safety of the truck, its brightness is significantly greater than that of the rear taillight, generally more than five times the brightness of the truck rear tail light. Daytime interval
You can see it at 100 meters or more.
(3) The role of the truck rear lamp:
The truck tail light serves as a marker light and brake warning for the red lamp, and when it is turned on, it can allow others to drive at a distance
Judging the width of the truck, braking can make it easier for the car driving behind to find the brake of the truck in front, and avoid the occurrence of rear-end accidents;
The truck taillight is a yellow light for the turn signal, to turn, and start, according to the provisions should be turned on in advance of the relevant turn signal, remind before and after, at this time left or
The yellow lamp on the right will flash.
(4) What if the rear lamp shade of the truck is broken:
If the lampshade of the truck raer light is only cracked, the owner can use tape to paste the crack of the taillight, so that the gap can avoid water seepage.
If the rear lampshade of the truck is broken, but there is no obvious missing debris, the truck owner can use glass glue to simply repair it if there is a protruding spot
Truck owners can sand and polish.
If the rear lampshade of the truck is damaged very seriously, then even if the owner repairs, the effect after repair is not ideal, and the truck owner needs to replace the new one
If the truck tail light is also damaged, the truck owner may need to replace the entire truck taillight assembly.
If the truck taillight of the truck vehicle is damaged, the truck owner must not ignore it, because the line inside the truck is flooded, resulting in the truck light bulb
Burn out, but also cause the truck vehicle line failure, affecting the other functions of the truck vehicle.
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(5) The characteristics of the truck rear lamp tail light of Caanass:
1. Good quality
2. High cost performance
3. High brightness
4. Complete style

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