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European truck spare parts Guangzhou Grand Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Grand Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

company photowas established in 2000,Our main products is European truck sapre parts,SCANIA truck VOLVO truck MAN truck MERCEDES BENZ truck DAF truck IVECO truck RENAULT truck and mainly sale chassis parts, body parts and engine parts.


Our company history

caanass company history

Since 2000.
In 2013, The brand Caanass become world protected trademark;
In 2016,we have 8 agency in overseas;
In 2017,2018 we have our branch office in Myanmar and Tanzania
We believe Caanass will become famous brand all over the world in the future.and we will not wait too long.

We plan 50 agency all over the world and To be largest truck and bus parts supplier in Africa within 5 years.

Our advantages

Our advantages guangzhou grand auto parts company

First, we have 19 years experience of spare parts, and exported 110 countries,
Next, we have more than 40000 kinds of in stock,
Our products are european quality standard,OEM accepted.
This is our warehouse with 40.000 kinds of parts in stock

warehouse 40.000 kinds of parts in stock

Until now, we already exported 110 countries, including South east asia , Afica,Mid east,south american ,European country and so on.

Those are our certificates,we are the agency of Caanass, Gates belt, Frasler brake lining, valeo clutch, Baldwin filter and so on.

our certificates

We attend the Shanghai frankfurt exhibition and Canton Fair every year.the Shanghai frankfurt exhibition

Our company also service for government bus and truck,you can see this is airport bus,this is famous logistic company in china,and this is petrol companyin china petrol company goverment truck partner

Our company have 7 values


We all sure that honesty is the first important thing to do business.

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