How did the German factory build trucks! MAN’s manufacturing process was exposed, it turned out to be so complicated and rigorous!

Many people in China, even the media, have misunderstood that the name of the MAN Group means a man. In fact, these three letters are made up of the first letter abbreviation of the company’s predecessor, Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg (Machinery Factory, Augsburg, Nuremberg).

MAN’s Euro6 truck manufacturing process

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When the factory was established in 1955, the Munich MAN factory had 5,000 employees. Today, the scale of the factory has been greatly expanded, but the number of employees has not increased significantly, only rising to 8,300. This is due to the company’s high level of mechanization configuration and the excellent professionalism of employees.

Engineers focus on the research and development of new truck technology

Workers store parts by number for easy search


Workers are equipped with auxiliary electric installation equipment when assembling parts

German MAN company truck production and assembly

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MAN has experienced many technological innovations, such as Germany’s first rotary newspaper printing machine, the first refrigeration machine “Linde System”, and participated in the manufacture of diesel engines from 1893 to 1897.

In 1924, the first truck with a MAN diesel engine was displayed at the Berlin Motor Show, and the Bavarian Post Office purchased a large number of this truck.

At the beginning of 1942, Germany used MAN-made hulls and Rheinmetall turrets to manufacture Leopard chariots and used them extensively in World War II. (It seems that the large German automobile companies are all military equipment suppliers in World War II. In fact, China can also follow this model and use military orders to drive the development of heavy industry enterprises)

After World War II, the company lost all business activities abroad and suffered heavy losses in the war. Therefore, the company shifted its focus to southern factories and commercial vehicles in Germany. In 1986, the MAN Group established its headquarters in Munich.

From the wheelbase and length of the car, we can see the overbearing MAN truck, but the super off-road performance does not let the excessively long body limit its movement.

The German MAN-TGA6x6 off-road RV has many uses. Its huge size enables it to carry off-road motorcycles and other outdoor vehicles, which is very convenient.

No matter it is desert or rock, it can’t stop its advance.

In addition to automobile manufacturing, MAN is also quite capable in several areas such as industrial services, printing systems, diesel engines and turbines.

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