Qinghai “Tour Pal” bought a German MAN RV for 2.58 million yuan. The C1 photo can be driven and it looks like a big truck.

There are a lot of “allies” in our country. They like to go out for self-driving tours in their RVs. This is an out-and-out travel enthusiast who likes self-driving tours, but this kind of big RV is not cheap. Nowadays, million yuan RVs are very common. Yes, there are even several million yuan RVs, especially those imported cars. Although they are rare, some people are willing to buy them. Today I will show you a tourist-loving boss and his car in Qinghai Province; this boss He is the owner of a travel company, and his business is flourishing; he bought this car for 2.58 million yuan. The MAN RV imported from Germany can be opened with a C1 driver’s license. There is no high requirement.


It belongs to a heavy-duty RV, which can have a blue license plate. The Qinghai license plate is really real. From the boss, I learned that this is a German MAN Amodilo RV. Its size is not large, and its shape is like a large truck, but it is not It has not reached the truck level; it is known as the world RV, the famous brand in the RV, which can be seen from the materials of the car, whether it is the external design, the interior materials and the interior design of the car, it is very satisfying . The full-size spare tire and the body steel plate feel very safe. Of course, this is the basic quality of a large motorhome. Just like the Unimog of Mercedes-Benz, the original German motorhome has a very particular design.

Then the owner opened the door to let us see the cab of this MAN Amodiiro, which looks like a large truck and has strong off-road performance. You know that Man Amodiiro’s 4×4 chassis is very strong, which greatly improves off-road performance; this car is characterized by a short wheelbase plus three differential locks, and a manual zF12-speed gearbox with ultra-low speed. Mode, equipped with a 6.8L engine, 290 horsepower, but its torque is very large, the torque is 1150 Nm, this large off-road vehicle pays attention to torque, which can improve its climbing ability; its mechanical quality is very high, Ah Modiro’s off-road performance is similar to Mercedes-Benz’s Nimog.

The length, width, and height of the Amodiro are 5995x2435x3500mm, which is just within the range of the blue card. Its off-road performance is very strong, not to mention its rich configuration. For example, there is a 24v electric winch in front, 18500 pounds of Taiwan compeu , Steel wire rope, 18800 pounds of American Vaughan with 24v electric winch on the back, nylon cable, 300 liters of pure water tank in the car, large refrigerator, main fuel tank of 300L plus auxiliary fuel tank of 120L, with Italian sunshade on the side; and 28 inch Philips 4k display and its satellite TV, there are five and a half flexible solar panels on the roof to provide electricity for the car, and there are various household appliances in the car.


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