1112819 309065 SC TRUCK temperature sensor
622199 1331770 1337966 SC truck clutch booster assy
582732 581025 sca truck door lock
570964 1789522 SC P124 WATER PUMP
570957 1486098 SC TRUCK WATER PUMP-1
570951 1508533 SC124 TRUCK WATER PUMP
550365 1331620 SC113 TRUCK CABIN BOOSTER
382386 1575173 SC113 TRUCK Hydraulic Cylinder
376116 sca truck window lift handle for truck body parts
369554 183868 SC124 truck starter
366592 278599 SC124 transmission mounting-1
355147 2097424 SCAN Truck Spring bolt

Scania is a global company with sales of trucks, buses & services in 100 countries. Scania’s production units are located in Europe , South America and Asia.

scania 113/Scania 114/scania 124/scania420/scania P,G,R

There are also have some country buy second hand scania truck.

So the spare parts for scania is extreme needed.Some truck owner buy original spare parts, others buy aftermarket spare parts

Because original scania parts price will be extremely high, so there are many customer choose aftermarket parts with good quality.

There are some germany and turkey brand spare parts actually produced in china. like :DT(DIESEL TECHNIC),PE and SAMPA.

If you need OEM quality with reasonable price ,choose our caanass brand.