The new generation of TG series trucks are quickly introduced into China. Why does MAN pay so much attention to the Chinese market?

Recently, new domestic truck models have been unveiled frequently, making the entire Chinese truck circle very lively. Originally, I thought that no matter how lively it was, I did not expect that on September 21st, Germany MAN announced that its latest generation of TG series trucks will be launched in China.

This is just over 7 months after the release of MAN’s new generation of TG series, creating the fastest record (net import) for the same generation of international truck giants to introduce into China. The participation of international giants in the melee will undoubtedly make the Chinese truck circle more lively, and also bring more uncertainty to the follow-up domestic truck market, and a good show will become more and more attractive.

How much does Germany MAN pay attention to the Chinese market?
To apply a classic line in Song Dandan’s sketch: “That is quite important!” Not to mention how much the German MAN F2000 model had on Chinese heavy trucks, nor to mention the later marriage of German MAN and China National Heavy Duty Truck; discard these The old yellow calendar said that German MAN’s recent actions in the Chinese truck market can draw the previous conclusion.

First of all, Germany MAN’s rapid introduction of its latest generation TG series into China can explain the problem. It must be known that China is the second market for this series; and this time it is the introduction of a full series (including medium trucks, tractors, etc.).

In addition, Germany MAN directly skipped the previous generation of small facelift models and directly introduced the latest models to China is also breaking the routine, which shows its eagerness.

In Brazil, Germany MAN changed the standard of the previous generation of small facelift models into Volkswagen’s new “Meteor” heavy trucks for sale. Compared with the practice introduced by the same generation in China, it further confirms the importance of Germany MAN on the Chinese truck market. .

Why does MAN of Germany pay so much attention to the Chinese market (the latest models are introduced at a rapid speed)?
Compared with Volvo, Scania and other friends, MAN’s emphasis on the Chinese truck market is obvious to all; as mentioned above, whether it is technology export or joint venture, China can be regarded as the blessed land of MAN, Germany. It is not too much to say that it has made a lot of money in China.

Specifically, there are several reasons why MAN Germany attaches importance to the Chinese market:

1. China is the world’s only one-million-level heavy-duty truck sales market, with huge market capacity and potential, but manufacturers with a little idea will not sit idly by. Objectively speaking, MAN Germany has always attached great importance to the Chinese market, but recently it has become more important, which has to mention the second reason.

2. The end of the new crown epidemic that is ravaging the world has been delayed and has caused a huge impact on the global real economy; the truck industry, as an industry closely related to the macroeconomic environment, bears the brunt of the impact.

According to reports, MAN in Germany lost US$500 million in the first half of this year, and revenue fell by 26%. In order to save costs and survive the cold winter, MAN in Germany announced the layoffs of 9,500 employees on September 22. Thanks to its excellent performance in epidemic prevention and rapid economic recovery, my country has provided a market for German MAN to boost sales.

3. The high-end trend of China’s truck market has become increasingly obvious, as evidenced by the recent launch of high-end products by major domestic truck manufacturers. It is estimated that by 2025, the sales of imported trucks in the Chinese market will rise from the current 15,000 to about 25,000.

As the segment of high-end models continues to grow, the embarrassing situation of “approaching but not applauding” imported trucks will be greatly eased. In this way, who can make the first layout will gain first-mover advantage and lay the foundation for later development.

4. German MAN’s sales volume in China as an imported car is not impressive. Compared with Volvo’s sense of technology and Scania’s comfort, imported MAN appears to be quite satisfactory.

Competing with other vendors ultimately comes down to product power. Taking the new TGX as an example, both fuel consumption performance (8% lower than the old model) and technology configuration performed well, and product power has been greatly improved.

Using the latest generation of products to compete with friends (Volvo Trucks is not the latest model sold in China) has a greater chance of winning. This is also an important consideration for the German MAN to invest in China.

5. Although Chinese truck manufacturers are “post-born” in the auto industry, they have made rapid progress in recent years. Imported models represented by German MAN will face competition from high-end Chinese trucks in the future (the prices of some domestic high-end models have already touched the edges of imported models). It is estimated that the two are going to be hard and hard in the past three to five years. .

European and American giants used to introduce an old model to achieve a “dimension reduction blow” to domestic trucks. Now it has become increasingly impossible; therefore, if you don’t come up with real guys, I’m afraid it will be very difficult in the future competition. Passive (this bloody lesson of Japanese heavy trucks is here). Therefore, Germany MAN’s speedy introduction of the latest models into China is also a plan ahead of possible market competition.

What impact will Germany MAN’s approach have on the Chinese truck market?
The most intuitive effect is to force other Ouka giants to follow up. It is a high probability event that more advanced imported models of the same generation will enter China.

Now that the Oka giants are affected by the epidemic, the life of the Oka giants is not easy (Scania also said that it would lay off 6000 employees in June). The value of this treasured land in China has further highlighted. arrival.

At the time when the Ouka giants “group elephants dance”, the domestic high-end models of “Xiaocao” will become direct victims (the fight between gods and the suffering of mortals is also a sad reminder), and it is also possible to test the fineness of domestic high-end models.

In short, what should come will come after all. Domestic manufacturers have been calling for high-end products for more than ten years. It is actually a great thing to be able to compete with the top international models on the same stage.

To be honest, it is completely beyond my expectations that MAN Germany can introduce the latest models to China so quickly, but the magical 2020 has witnessed too much incredible. So what is the next surprise? Are domestic truck manufacturers ready? All of this provides an excellent opportunity for old truck fans like the author to “eat melons”. I have been really happy to eat recently.

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