At the end of 2020, Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ innovative after-sales service solution-the mobile service station was officially put into operation!

As a supplement to the existing more than 40 service outlets, the mobile service stations operated by authorized dealers of Mercedes-Benz Trucks are more flexible, dynamic and closer to customers, which will help to improve the service level and timeliness of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

The mobile service station of Mercedes-Benz Trucks is a mini workshop with a 40-foot container as the main body. It is equipped with standardized office and maintenance facilities such as air compressors, generators, air conditioners, accessories and tool storage racks, and workbenches. It is an all-rounder Maintenance platform.

The mobile service station is divided into parts area, maintenance area and office area according to function. The stock of commonly used original parts, complete special tools and necessary maintenance equipment enable the mobile service station to complete vehicle maintenance, preventive inspections and quick repair services. Most truck problems are in the mobile service


The mobile service station is operated by authorized dealers of Mercedes-Benz trucks, in line with the technical standards and procedures of Mercedes-Benz trucks, reserves special tools, original parts and oil products, and professional technicians from dealers provide maintenance and repair work for customers’ vehicles.

The mobile service station is dynamic and not restricted by region. It can be stationed in fleets, construction sites, close to end customers, and provide fast on-site service or on-site service; it can go deep into the blank area of ​​the service network to complete emergency maintenance and emergency repair services. The mobile service station is an active supplement to the existing service network of Mercedes-Benz trucks, and the layout can be adjusted and optimized according to the actual needs of customers.

The mobile service station has less investment, convenient transportation and installation, and easy to be widely promoted nationwide. At the same time, it can flexibly customize internal maintenance equipment and infrastructure according to the actual needs of customers, and can serve customers more targeted.

In 2020, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will launch 7 mobile service stations in Hunan, Anhui, Jilin, Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other provinces.

From now on, Benz Trucks will continue to promote this innovative after-sales service method nationwide, and provide customers with flexible and dynamic after-sales service solutions.

The operation of the mobile service station of Mercedes-Benz trucks has further optimized the service network of Mercedes-Benz trucks, greatly shortened the service radius and improved the response speed of the service. We want to ensure that our customers’ vehicles are always in good operating conditions, improve the operating efficiency of vehicles, and ensure “attendance”.