Containers Maes adds another eight Scania trucks


Belgian construction waste recycling specialists Containers Maes recently received eight new Scania vehicles, bringing its Scania fleet to a total of 38 trucks. “The high residual value, low fuel consumption and solid quality are key considerations for me,” says Managing Director Yves Maes.

Containers Maes’ fleet is highly diverse and includes G-R- and S-cabs, 13- and 16-litre engines with 4×2, 4×4 and 6×4 vehicle configurations. That reflects the diversity of the company’s activities. The 6×4 trucks collect waste from customers, often from unpaved construction sites. The 6×2 refuse trucks, on the other hand, empty containers and only drive on roads. After sorting waste, tractor units with trailers transport loads of 90 to 100 cubic metres for further processing. Finally, the 4×4 vehicles come in handy when driving to landfills.


Vehicle reliability is the decisive factor for Yves Maes. “Operating in the construction sector, you need to act very quickly. We therefore always go for the latest equipment and replace our vehicles every three to four years. The Scania trucks are dependable with few problems. The low fuel consumption is another important factor when filling 200–300 litres per truck per day. The high market value in later resale is also interesting for us,” explains Maes.


Containers Maes’ business is growing and the company expects to continue investing in in its fleet, even in these uncertain times of the Coronavirus crisis. “We’re still growing every year and expect the situation to soon recover.”