The “Audi RS” in the truck industry, a limited model of this flagship truck from Germany’s MAN, has a really high configuration

On February 11, 2020, German MAN released a new generation of TG series models. The new models released by MAN this time are more complete and have stronger professional advantages in various specialized transportation applications. Undoubtedly, the advent of the new generation of MAN models has brought inexhaustible impetus to the low-carbon and energy-saving development of European cross-border road transportation, building materials and intercity distribution vehicles.

For young readers who pursue speed and passion, the Audi RS series, which integrates handling and power, is no stranger. Whether it is its exclusive aerodynamic kit or customized paint, it is the soul of this model. Where. The TGX limited edition S model released by MAN this time draws on many elements of this car, giving the truck speed and passion.

The newly released TGX limited edition model uses the new GX series super-specification cab, the basic size is: 2440×2230 (mm), the indoor vertical height can reach 2260mm, purely from the aspect of momentum, it has already overwhelmed the other 6 major brands of Ouka. .

In terms of appearance, this limited-edition model is not particularly different from the mass-produced model. It is still equipped with lens headlights, angel eye LED daytime running lights, and a new generation model launched by the “brothers” Scania. , Is comparable in appearance.

However, since it is a limited edition model, it still has certain characteristics. The main matte gray of the Audi RS series models is also reflected in this model, which sets off its powerful power quality through low-key appearance. The air intake grille incorporates the red line decoration of the racing version, adding vitality to the original deep appearance.

Since it has the exclusive racing atmosphere of the S series in terms of appearance and interior decoration, of course, it is not to be outdone in terms of power. Car owners pursuing the ultimate performance can choose the D3876 engine with a displacement of 15.2L and the maximum power of 540 and 640 horsepower in two power sections. For car owners who pay attention to cultural atmosphere, you can also choose the D2676LF95 engine with a displacement of 12.419L with a maximum power of 510 horsepower.

New generation MAN TGX limited model interior

In fact, MAN has already provided many exclusive services such as painting and modification for this flagship TGX series model. There is no doubt that the new generation of TGX anniversary limited edition S models will have further strategic significance for enhancing the brand’s cultural atmosphere. After all, catering to the needs of users for more high-end segments is also the core competitiveness of European trucks. Necessary means.

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