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喷油嘴本身是一个常闭阀(常闭阀的意思是当没有输入控制讯号时,阀门一直处于关闭状态;而常开阀则是当没有输入控制讯号时,阀门一直处于开启状态),由一个阀针上下运动来控制阀的开闭。当ECU下达喷油指令时,其电压讯号会使电流流经喷油嘴内的线圈,产生磁场来把阀针吸起,让阀门开启好使油料能自喷油孔喷出。 喷射供油的最大优点就是燃油供给之控制十分精确,让引擎在任何状态下都能有正确的空燃比,不仅让引擎保持运转顺畅,其废气也能合乎环保法规的规范。

Truck injector’s actually a simple solenoid valve, when the solenoid coil is energized, the suction force is generated, the needle valve is sucked up, the spray hole is opened, and the fuel is sprayed at high speed through the annular gap between the shaft needle and the spray hole of the needle valve head, forming a fog, which is conducive to full combustion.

The nozzle itself is a normally closed valve (normally closed valve means that when there is no input control signal, the valve is always closed; Normally open valve is when there is no input control signal, the valve is always in the open state), by a valve needle up and down to control the valve opening and closing. When the ECU gives the injection command, its voltage signal causes the current to flow through the coil in the nozzle, creating a magnetic field to pull up the valve needle and open the valve so that the oil can be sprayed out of the injection hole. The biggest advantage of injection fuel supply is that the control of fuel supply is very precise, so that the engine can have the correct air-fuel ratio in any state, not only to keep the engine running smoothly, but also to comply with environmental regulations.

The current models of European trucks include for Scania, for Man,for Volvo, for ievco, for Mercedes, for daf ,for Renault, and trucks are mainly use for Foton, for Shaman, for howo and for Dongfeng in China. Our caanass Auto parts company has been established for 20 years, especially to provide high-quality and affordable parts for European trucks, Chinese passenger cars, and Chinese trucks. Create value for customers “values. We Caanass auto parts, the current market is mainly Russia, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia market, we have long-term partners, including dealers, buyers, factories, auto parts companies, auto repair shops, we have accumulated 20 years of auto parts sales experience. We strive to serve our partners. Our Caanass auto parts: chassis parts, body parts, electronic parts, engine parts, we have a professional team, product department, Marketing Department, sales department, we have complete models, OEM complete, good quality, professional service for you. Our caanass Auto Parts will offer product promotions and promotions from time to time to provide you with quality and affordable auto parts.

The truck’s fuel nozzle is broken and there will be some problems. The first is that the engine will wobble, just like the car is unstable when it is running. Secondly, the power will decrease, that is, the acceleration ability of the car will be reduced, and the fuel consumption will also increase. In addition, exhaust emissions of pollutants will increase, causing more pollution to the environment. Starting the vehicle can become difficult and even stall while driving. There is also the possibility of missing cylinders in the engine, which can cause the engine to shake violently. Finally, if the fuel nozzle is badly damaged, the truck exhaust will emit black smoke, and the engine will accumulate carbon. The nozzle is a simple solenoid valve that, when powered on, opens the orifice and sprays the fuel in a mist to ensure full combustion.

caanass injector’s features:

1. Fuel supply control is very accurate
2. Good quality
3. Carnes has a dedicated sales team to provide customer service and create value.


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