Limited to 125 units worldwide. Meet Renault’s limited tractors


Renault trucks, one of the top seven truck manufacturers in Europe (Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, MAN, DAF, Renault, Iveco) are almost invisible on Chinese roads.

French cars have entered the Chinese market for so many years, and they have been out of place in the Chinese market. We can see the clues from the sales of French passenger cars. The recent withdrawal of Dongfeng Renault shows that Renault has completely failed in the Chinese market. .

Renault Trucks Commemorative Edition: T HIGH EDITION 1894

Although it has been losing out in the Chinese market steadily, it does not mean that Renault’s strength in building cars is weak. Renault, established in 1894, has experienced its 125th anniversary.

And began to develop the truck business in 1978. Since the launch of the first truck, the truck business has undergone 42 years of development and transformation. Renault Trucks’ global strength cannot be underestimated. Products are distributed in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

In this article, we will appreciate Renault’s 125th anniversary truck commemorative version: T HIGH EDITION 1894 tractor.


The T HIGH EDITION 1894 tractor is a 4X2 tractor, limited to 125 units, and only available in three exclusive colors, golden yellow, midnight blue and red. Everywhere reveals noble and memorial significance.

The overall shape of the T HIGH EDITION 1894 tractor is consistent with that of the T HIGH tractor. The overall shape has a strong French style and is more unique. Compared with Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other trucks, the shape is softer; the front air intake grille is unique in design. The metal strips are mixed with the headlights, as graceful as double eyelids, and piercing.

Steps with two wide pedals make it easy to clean the windshield. The windshield is equipped with sensors that automatically activate the high beam and headlights, which is full of technological security.

The details are processed to show the difference, the front wall adopts the exclusive design EDITION 1894 logo, which indicates the year Renault was founded.


The side is also sprayed with the specially designed EDITION 1894 logo, with golden yellow fonts. At a glance, the recognition rate is high and it is full of its own sense of exclusiveness.

A limited edition exclusive number behind the door, limited to 125 cars, is of great collection value.

The roof lights, roof light brackets and roof horns on the roof of the cab are golden yellow, which contrasts sharply with the color of the cab, increasing the degree of recognition. 4 golden yellow spotlights increase the brightness of driving at night, as well as lighting operations after parking at night.

The wheel covers are golden and red, and the golden wheel covers show a luxurious image; the wheel covers are red, which are organically matched with the golden wheel covers, and personally feel that the texture is good. The tires use Michelin tires, which are of good quality.

Golden yellow cab sunscreen curtains, soft texture. The rear-view mirror of the integrated cab can be heated, and the field of vision is good. The middle of the mirror rod is golden yellow, revealing the noble texture everywhere.


In the interior, the overall tone is red and blue to create a sense of luxury and comfort. The leather skin with red and blue stitching and embroidered headrests, the 1894-style dashboard and many noble details create a very noble atmosphere inside.

The steering wheel is made of black perforated leather with red stitching. It is luxurious and aesthetic. It uses a multifunctional steering wheel. The button edges are different from the commonly used chrome. The blue button frame is unique.

The blue door handle is eye-catching and dazzling, blending with the overall style of the door inner panel. The air outlet of the air conditioner adopts a red outer ring, which is simply matched to greatly increase the luxurious effect.


The T High 1894 Edition is equipped with a 13-liter engine (DTI 13), which meets Euro VI emission standards, has a rated horsepower of 520 hp, and an automatic Optidriver transmission. It belongs to the top power chain of Renault Trucks, which is worry-free.

The layout of the whole vehicle system is exquisite and compact, and the air intake pipe is integrated with the cab, which saves space. The side deflector is fixed on the rear wall with struts, which effectively reduces wind resistance. The blue and golden edition 1894 logos are sprayed on the back wall, and the front, back, left, and right sides have been surrounded by the EDITION 1894 logo, full of exclusiveness.

In general, the Renault T HIGH EDITION 1894 tractor is Renault’s 125th anniversary commemorative model. It is more attentive and sincere in materials, details and color matching.

Of course, if you buy such a T HIGH EDITION 1894 tractor with a limited edition of 125 units, the rate of turning around on the road should not be low. As a well-educated truck manufacturer, Renault is really smart in this wave of operations.



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