McDonald‘s using DAF EURO 6 Silent to delivery the goods.

DAF truck already supply 5 trucks euro 6 CF silent toMartin Brian which in charge of Britain’s logistic provider of the global restaurant chain Mcdonald’s. The new trucks will use for  Mcdonald’s transport freeze, refrigerated, and dry food. It is estimate that about 62 million boxes are shipped annually.

麦当劳用DAF欧六静音王 被允许早晚交货

The most important to choose DAF CF truck is able to improve operability and make sure can work daily in time. Early in 2007, Martin and Mcdonald’s already cooperate use bildiosel models, recycling the used UCO and refinding usable biofuel. This model can provide  considerable  carbon emission reduction benefit.

The truck model after CF 290 FAN, all the truck own DAF’s silent mode to decrease to noise level under 72 db. Its silent mode conform with vehicle noise limited PIEK certification and suit for using in  urban area, which have noise limited at night and morning.

In the Amsterdam RAI exhibition 2015, DAF already showed the LF model ( The update of peika PX-5 engine motor, 150 and 180 power) which adopted silent mode, and allowed DAF LF, CF and XF model choose. The most important is, due to using the traditional delivery technology, compare with the other use fuel engine or hybird and also have PIEK certification, the acquisition cost cost of choose DAF Silent truck will be lower.

” We have been looking for the style of deduce the effect of environment.” Tony said, who is the manager of Martin logistic support department, ” and it also finish reduce noisy and engine emission work. DAF CF silent option is a part of our environmental protection strategy, will become the specification of all purchase truck in the future.”

Beside the strict control of noisy, Martin’s environment protection including DAF’s high level emergency brake system, lane departure warning system and vehicle stable system. The supporting equipment includes Maple 360- degree camera monitoring system and so on.


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