Different kinds of volvo truck model FL,FH16,FH,FMX,FM,FE

Except for DAF truck, other European famous trucks VOLVO SCANIA BENZ MAN IVECO already entered Chinese market. These import trucks have their own advantages and advanced technology, including transmission system, drive system, driver system and so on. Every truck have own true-hearted fans. Let’s look at the characteristics of Swedish brand– VOLVO this time.

VOLVO FL series

FL is the lightest truck in VOLVO, which suit for short trip transport and area logistic. FL make special design according logistic distribution and garbage transfer vehicles’ characteristics, to meet customers need.

VOLVO FH16 series

FH16 is the most strong truck. It can be used for steep slopes of mountain roads and places with severe conditions, which is one of the safest and most comfortable truck. Even it design for heavy load and severe conditions, FH16 super fuel-efficient, saving up to 20% of fuel.

VOLVO FH series

FH is suitable for long-distance transport. In order adapt to long-distance transport, VOLVO focus on cab room, comfortable and safety to re-design. The one of highlights is use I-shift dual-clutch gearbox, seamless shifts can be achieved without any end in power transmission.


The FMX series is the strongest, most powerful and most reliable truck. It can transport heavy goods under harsh conditions and will not cause damage to the vehicle. It looks hard and durable. The front look powerful. Although it look huge, it also flexible. The thick chassis and comfortable cab make it more advantageous.

VOLVO FM series

FM series truck is most widely used, also a tractor series. It suitable for short distance transport. The re-design chassis and steering system make it have good handling performance.

VOLVO FE series

VOLVO FE more powerful than FL. FE mainly use in short logistic transport. The more important thing is, FE is available with 3-axles models.

FE series can be modified for all transportation. Including city transport, area distribution garbage transfer and so on. The cab is ergonomic and all items are easy to get.


It is also a course to choose VOLVO truck parts, how to choose parts with good quality and reasonable price?

Caanass is Germany brand. It is same quality standard and design with DT/SAMPA national brand. But price is better than these brand. The reason is that many products are produce in China, it exempted the import duties, Products are produced by domestic foundry factories. Caanass spare parts  also service for domestic transportation fleets and logistic, and quality inspection is guaranteed



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