XF CF can’t tell: the road test of DAF’s new generation truck is in progress

At present, we get the news that DAF’s next-generation truck are processing road test in  Belgium. From the appearance, DAF new truck’s top cab cover with thickness camouflage. We guess it is new type cab.  The cab high probability use flat floor design, because DAF attach importance of comfort.

XF CF分不清 达夫新一代卡车路测进行中

The test truck all load heavy camouflage. But use middle-net cover is DAF’s style. We can see the test truck is 4×2 Tractor, but the front face design looks a little difference, also the headlamp. In my opinion, these two trucks are XF and CF series.

XF CF分不清 达夫新一代卡车路测进行中

According the design diagram of XF, CF series, whether new XF truck still use  three-level boarding pedal design? And the pictures  are not clear enough and too far, we can’t see the new trucks pedal design.

XF CF分不清 达夫新一代卡车路测进行中

With the update of VOLVO, MAN and so on brand truck, DAF also speed their test up.

When we can see the new truck? Please keep follow of us!






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