80s EQD142 official picture 133 horsepower with Renault engine

In the 1980s, FAW and Renault of France cooperated to install the Renault 797 diesel engine on the Dongfeng EQ140 car. The product was named EQD142. At the same time, the truck was sold by Renault’s sales network in Africa.

However, today, the editor accidentally found this official picture of the Renault truck EQD142 on the Internet, which is very rare and sent to share with you.

FAW installed the Renault 797 inline 6-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled 133-horsepower diesel engine with a displacement of 5.491 liters on the EQ140 model, and developed the EQD142 6.4-ton diesel truck for export and the EQD142 / 47 6.1-ton wheelbase Diesel trucks / and EQD342 6-ton diesel dump trucks. According to limited information, these trucks are mainly exported to Asian and non-developing countries such as the Philippines and Cameroon. Dongfeng EQD142 and EQD342 series 6-ton diesel trucks parked at the dock and waiting to be shipped out (the front of the Renault logo).

This is a sample of EQD142 data found on a second-hand book site. It can be clearly seen that the vehicle has a total weight of 11 tons and a load of 6.5 tons, which is obviously larger than the 5 tons of 140. The Renault 797 is also clearly marked in the engine model column, with a maximum output of 133 horsepower and a maximum torque of 33 kgm (323 Nm).

At the bottom of the sample is also marked that the car can be provided with a left or right steering wheel as required, reflecting the internationalization of the car. However, this EQD142 equipped with Renault engine seems to have never been sold on the domestic market, only for the export market.


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