German man off-road truck prices into the king of off-road!

The in-depth analysis of the German man off-road truck, the unique version of the modified interior cabin is absolutely cattle, the German man’s world’s top extreme off-road RV, in the hearts of off-road vehicles fans, the wilderness is its home, and wading in the mountains is its essential job! The birth of Unimog is mainly a series of commercial models developed for various extreme terrains. In the eyes of many off-road people, Unimog is tall, domineering and leaky, just like the king of the forest, awesome! But it is really not much to understand it. Let’s walk into the Unimog off-road RV together and into the king of off-road!

The German man RV is such a car. At first glance, it feels high, too high. Even a ladder is placed on the side of the cab to climb to the top of the cab to remove the spare tire. Meet the National V emission standards. The body size is 5965 * 2510 * 3660mm, the wheelbase is 3850mm, the front and rear wheelbase are 1927mm, the tires are Michelin 365 / 80R20 off-road tires, with a central inflation and deflation system. The curb weight is 7580 / 7140kg and the maximum weight is 9500kg. The number of passengers in the whole car is 2-6.

The car body is equipped with u-shaped sofa seats, which is the main seating area in the car. When needed, a sofa bed can be built here.

The car audio-visual system is fully equipped. A 32-inch network LCD TV is embedded in the closet. A DVD player, stereo and satellite TV reception system make travel and loneliness unattainable. At the rear is a double hammock. A privacy curtain is also arranged here to ensure the privacy of sleep.

On the door side is the kitchen area inside the car. The lower part of the kitchen area is the refrigerator and the basket. The basket can fully fix all kinds of bottles, jars and cans, and it will not fall on the rough road. The stove is equipped with an induction stove and a covered vegetable sink. Above the induction hob is the range hood in the car.

The refrigerator in the car is not large. This needs to be improved. After all, as an off-road RV, self-sustainability is also a very important aspect. A large refrigerator means higher self-sustaining power, and the microwave oven for RVs is arranged at the top of the cabinet.

German man, known as the king of off-road, where it can’t get through, tanks can’t get through. The reason for having such a strong off-road ability is that it is firstly full of power. The high torque provides strong power support for the vehicle to overcome obstacles and climb. Secondly, the chassis is a time-sharing four-wheel drive, equipped with front, rear and inter-axle differential locks, which better adapts to different vehicle driving conditions and ensures a reasonable match between vehicle dynamics and working conditions. Finally, the design concept of the chassis disconnection bridge and the drive axle, plus high-strength coil springs and barrel shock absorbers, improves driving comfort and makes the vehicle’s obstacles torsion up to 30%. When the vehicle is driving in water or muddy road conditions, the standard version of Unimog U4000 can provide a wading depth of 0.8 meters. With optional equipment, the wading depth can reach 1.2 meters

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