A new generation of MAN TG series trucks are fully launched in China

After the global launch of MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks, it has attracted widespread attention from domestic card friends. Many people left messages in the backstage of Truck House, hoping that the new car will enter the Chinese market as soon as possible and see the upgraded appearance.

On September 21, MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks was officially launched in Beijing. The entire series was deployed in the domestic commercial vehicle market and attracted the attention of the industry.

“China has always been one of MAN’s most core regional markets, and meeting the needs of Chinese truck consumers is also our consistent goal.” The challenges and opportunities of China’s commercial vehicle market are full of confidence.

According to reports, MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks have been sculpted and built for 20 years, 16 countries have worked together, 12 million hours have been accumulated, 300 consumers have worked together, and 700 professional drivers have conducted practical evaluation. Relying on the customer-centric design concept, it has realized the product attributes of MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks, which are absolutely matched, the highest attendance, high efficiency and economy, and the same as the children.

In the first eight months of this year, the sales volume of my country’s commercial vehicle market has been booming, and it has repeatedly created historical records. Only seven months after the global launch of MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks, it has made a strong landing in the Chinese market and has begun a comprehensive deployment, which is a timely response to market demand. The performance of Lion Roar came into being.

According to reports, MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks are divided into MAN TGX, TGS, TGM, TGL four trucks, each truck is targeted at different operating scenarios.

The front face of the vehicle inherits Mann’s consistent lion design, and the family-style appearance is obvious, which makes people feel domineering and mighty. In addition, the new MAN TGX has a door opening angle of up to 89 degrees, and the pedal position is very low. The ergonomic design is convenient for the driver to get on and off the car.

In terms of interiors, the new TG series trucks fully start from the subtleties and increase the comfort and safety of the drivers and passengers through some clever configurations. For example, a steering wheel that can be flexibly operated. When the driver is in a resting position, it can be tilted forward to a horizontal position. When driving, it can be adjusted to feel the same height as a passenger car. In addition, more intelligent instruments, smart buttons and other settings have been added to make the entire vehicle full of technology, making it easier for card users to drive.

In terms of transmission system, MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks use optimized and upgraded D08 and D26 engines. While the carrying capacity is increased by 70 kg, the output efficiency is simultaneously increased by 10 horsepower and the torque is increased by 100 N·m. Fuel consumption can be reduced by 8.2% compared with the previous generation product, achieving real fuel-saving efficiency. At the same time, Mann made a response strategy for China VI b. With the help of the combination of engine and off-engine technology, efficient exhaust purification was achieved, which is more in line with China’s policy environment for winning the blue sky defense war.

As a typical representative of high-end heavy trucks, the new car is also adapted to the MAN TeleMatics IoV system exclusively developed by MAN for the Chinese market, which can achieve efficient matching of people, vehicles, goods, and roads, which is conducive to improving and optimizing fleet management.

It is reported that Mann will introduce a variety of flexible financial policies in due course to strengthen marketing and promotion, and assist Mann’s new generation of TG series trucks in the overall layout of China’s commercial vehicle market.

Affected by the upgrading of emission standards and the development of the logistics industry, China’s commercial vehicle market is booming. More and more imported truck brands have increased the planning and layout of the Chinese market. This aspect can provide domestic users with more diversified product requirements. On the one hand, it can encourage the continuous advancement of independent brands, which is of great benefit to the healthy development of the entire industry. We look forward to MAN’s new generation of TG series trucks to roar the East, and contribute its own strength in the development of the industry.

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