Hot news !!A New Generation of Scania Trucks is Coming

The 4 series of trucks have undergone minor changes for more than 20 years, but truck manufacturers of other brands have launched one new type of trucks during this period. The trend of modernization.


A new generation of Scania, on the basis of P, G, R three cabs, also designed a more spacious and taller S cab, the three cabs released in China are G, R, S large-sized cab is replaced by the G series model of the original P series model.


The interior of the cab has also been redesigned, with a younger center console and a new style steering wheel. The new Scania steering wheel is one of my favorite places, and it feels more than the old one.


In the evaluation of the new car, the handling, stability, safety, overall operating economy and driver’s driving environment comfort of the new generation of Scania have been unanimously praised by participating media, it seems Scania ’s status as the “king of the road” remains unshakable.


Scania is almost impeccable in ergonomics, and it is no exaggeration to say that Scania is a Rolls-Royce in the trucking world. It is also because Scania’s continuous improvement and the importance it attaches to the driver that can make so many people who love it.


The new and new generation of Scania is also appearing in front of us more and more. The centuries-old history makes us more fascinated by this brand.


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