Coming soon! Man new generation of trucks again exposed photos

Recently, at the year-end media appreciation meeting of Mann Commercial Vehicles China, Truck House’s President of Mann Commercial Vehicles Asia Pacific Region Thilo Halter revealed that Mann will release a new next-generation truck around February 2020.

man truck

A few days ago, we found further news about the car. According to foreign media reports, Mann’s new generation of trucks will be equipped with a new 13L engine, and a large number of comfortable designs inside the cab will make the driver’s living space more comfortable and spacious.


The power chain system of the new truck will be replaced in 2022, when the new 13L displacement “Traton” power chain will be replaced.

MAN Commercial Vehicles is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Its product range covers medium / heavy / super heavy trucks, special vehicles, city buses, luxury vehicles, high-end engines and auto parts.
I believe that in the near future, this new MAN truck can bring us a wonderful feeling for truck drivers.

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