After all the calls came out, Oka Simulation 2 Renault T is here!

Many truck enthusiasts must know that a truck game is “Euro Truck Simulator 2”. In the recently updated game, the much-anticipated Renault T Range has been reborn. As an alternative to Magnum, the new car has already run six times in Europe. Years, but for domestic truck enthusiasts, the arrival of Renault T is indeed late. Stop talking nonsense, let’s take a look at the performance of the new Renault T in the game.

千呼万唤始出来 欧卡模拟2雷诺T来了!

The new Renault T uses two types of cabs, namely, the quasi-flat floor and the flat-bottomed models. For players who are not financially rich, they can start with the quasi-flat floor models, and the local tyrants can directly buy high-end models.

千呼万唤始出来 欧卡模拟2雷诺T来了!

Like other cars, it can display information such as fuel level, cruising range, air pressure, battery voltage, etc. It has a strong sense of technology.

千呼万唤始出来 欧卡模拟2雷诺T来了!

In terms of gearboxes, the new Renault T Range can also have a variety of options in the game, from ZF to Allison. You can choose from different speed ratios. In short, you can find a real one in the game. The Renault T that suits you.

As long as the game is updated to the latest version, the brand new Renault T Range can be purchased at the Renault 4S store in the game. What are you waiting for? Don’t hurry up and check it out in the game and buy your own Renault T!


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