DAF: Launch XF Super Cab 250,000 celebration version!

Recently, the Dutch company DAF launched a 250,000 celebration version of the XF model called Super Space Cab, as a new milestone in commemorating the sales of the largest DAF Super Space Cab reaching 250,000. This commemorative model has a special cab decorative stripes, and the interior of the cab is also covered in brandy leather as standard.

“How do we provide the driver with the highest level of comfort?” This question led to the advent of the DAF 3600 Space Cab in 1985. Due to the high ceiling design, it reached a new height in terms of the interior space and driver comfort of the European trucks at the time. In 1994, DAF took another step forward with the introduction of the Super Space Cab.


According to the official description of DAF, half of the orders of DAF XF are purchased Super Space Cab. The latest DAF XF Super Space Cab is the most ideal place for every driver to work, live and sleep. The cab volume is no less than 12.6 cubic meters. It is one of the most spacious cabs on the market. XF Super Space Cab provides the interior It has a standing space of 2.23 meters and a storage space of no less than 925 liters. The lower bed of the two sleepers is 80 cm wide and 2.2 meters long with a thick mattress.


DAF XF Super Space Cab 250,000 celebration version models are available in 4×2 and 6×2 tractor versions and all rigid configurations. In terms of engine matching, users can choose 450 horsepower PACCAR MX-11 or 480 and 530 horsepower PACCAR MX-13 engines.


The special decoration is for specific countries and regions, and the configuration of each version is suitable for the preferences of local users. But every celebration model comes standard with exquisite Exclusive interiors, including brandy leather wraps, 15 cm thick mattresses and more. Of course, DAF navigation system, air conditioner and large refrigerator are standard equipment.

Today, the full-size flat-floor cab has become an essential flagship cab for every European heavy truck manufacturer. With the continuous development of models, the cab space has become more and more spacious.

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