At only 3.22 meters high, the most Q and cute P series in the Scania truck family

Scania has a long history in the domestic special vehicle market. Let’s take a closer look, from the cement pump trucks we are familiar with to the main fire engines for fire fighting tasks. Scania special vehicles are everywhere in these fields. The figure makes us not only familiar with Scania’s road vehicles, but also gives us a new understanding of Scania’s special vehicles. In addition to the king of highways, there is a brand new world.

Under the foundation is still the foundation, there is a vein at the end of the vein, the Scania special car is not only the above models, but also involves many fields. For example, in Europe, many common municipal engineering vehicles use Scania P-series special vehicles. Of course, some special industries will also use Scania P-series special vehicles. Kanya trucks have excellent quality and excellent fuel economy.

The Scania trucks currently on sale in China mainly include P, G, R and S series. The latter (G, R, S) are known for road transport, and the former (P) is what we are going to introduce to you today. The special car chassis, and the reason why it is called the special car chassis, is mainly derived from Scania. It provides a bodywork frame that is easy to upload for the bodywork factory. The bodywork factory can add or design the bodywork on the chassis. Scania Will provide technical support and close cooperation in this process. So with this premise, Scania provides the bodywork factory with a rich and expandable bodywork stage, making the Scania special vehicle chassis a true all-rounder, and at the same time, there is this to be introduced to you today. P320 6×2 special vehicle.

Briefly introduce the basic configuration of this P320 6×2, the driving form is 6×2, equipped with Scania 9L engine, China VI/Euro VI emission, Scania 8+1 transmission, with retarder, 3.07 rear axle speed ratio, bodywork It is an integrated tank for low temperature transportation of Chart Industries.

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