DAF sells electric trucks in Europe, with a range of 100 kilometers

A few days ago, European commercial vehicle manufacturer DAF stated that the company has begun to sell CF Electric electric trucks in limited quantities in Europe.

The electric truck CF Electric is a purely electric 4×2 tractor designed for logistics and distribution in urban areas. The car is equipped with a 210kW electric motor and 170kWh battery pack, with a cruising range of about 100 kilometers.

According to reports, at this stage CF Electric will provide services to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and North Rhine-Westphalia. In the future, based on the operating conditions of local charging infrastructure and after-sales service, DAF will also consider selling this electric truck in other parts of Europe. .

DAF starts selling electric trucks in Europe and electric garbage collection trucks will also be put into use

According to European commercial vehicle manufacturer DAF, the first CF Electric electric truck built by the company was delivered a year ago.

In the past period of time, DAF has accumulated rich experience from six CF Electric electric trucks. It is said that CF Electric, which was handed over to customers for testing, has traveled 150,000 kilometers so far.

The feedback results from customer tests also led to the production of a new version of the electric truck internally code-named “Phase 2”. According to reports, the new version of the electric truck is equipped with new car software and new dashboards.

Richard Zink, a member of the DAF Management Committee and director of marketing, said that the time has come to start selling CF Electric electric trucks in limited quantities.

In order to ensure the quality of the trucks, DAF decided to produce in a controlled manner, which means that at this stage the electric truck CF Electric will adopt a limited sales method.

Currently, CF Electric is available for customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Based on the local charging infrastructure and after-sales service, DAF said it will also consider selling electric trucks in other parts of Europe in the future.

In addition, according to Richard Zink, while delivering electric trucks, DAF will gradually establish a service network.

In addition, recently, DAF and European bus manufacturer VDL Groep jointly announced that 4 pure electric CF Electric garbage collectors will also be put into operation in order to better achieve the goal of zero emissions.

The electric truck CF Electric is designed for urban logistics and has a range of about 100 kilometers

According to DAF, the electric truck CF Electric built by the company is a pure electric 4×2 tractor, and it is also a truck specially developed for the distribution of goods in urban areas.

CF Electric is based on DAF’s CF truck, and thanks to VDL’s e-power technology, it can be driven by pure electric power. The truck is equipped with a single-axle or double-axle trailer, and the overall vehicle weight is 37 tons.

At the same time, CF Electric is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 210kW and a battery pack with a capacity of 170kWh, with a full range of about 100 kilometers.

DAF stated that if the fast charging method is used, it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge a CF Electric.

Conclusion: The pace of electrification of commercial vehicles is accelerating

As more and more countries and regions have introduced energy-saving and emission-reduction regulations and policies, zero emissions and low noise in urban logistics have become an urgent goal.

In this context, the pace of electrification in the commercial vehicle field is also accelerating. Last year, Volvo Trucks announced that it would sell two electric trucks, FE Electric and FL Electric, in Europe, and now DAF electric trucks have also joined the team.

In addition, as far as the domestic commercial vehicle field is concerned, the trend of electrification is also obvious. Domestic mainstream commercial vehicle companies such as Foton, FAW, JAC, SAIC, etc. all have a layout in the field of new energy commercial vehicles.


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