caanass auto parts spare engine for truck accessories oil pressure sensor

caanass auto parts spare engine for truck accessories oil pressure sensor


Automobile sensor principle and application: Automobile sensor is the input device of automobile computer system, converting various working conditions of automobile information, such as speed, temperature of various media, engine working conditions, etc. It is converted into an electrical signal and sent to a computer so that the engine can be in optimal working condition.

Many sensors are used in the vehicle. When judging the fault of the sensor, it is necessary to consider not only the sensor itself, but also the entire circuit that has failed. Therefore, when troubleshooting, in addition to checking the sensor, the wiring harnesses, connectors and related circuits between the sensor and the electronic control unit should also be checked. In the past, automotive sensors were used only in the engine, but have expanded to include chassis, body, and lighting and electrical systems. More than 100 sensors are used in these systems.

In a variety of sensors, there are the following common :1. Intake pressure sensor: reflects the change of absolute pressure in the intake manifold, is the reference signal of the ECU(engine electronic control unit) to calculate the injection duration; 2. Air flow meter: measures the volume of air inhaled by the engine and provides the ECU as a reference signal for the injection time; 3 throttle position sensor: measure the throttle opening and provide the ECU as a reference signal for oil cut-off, control fuel air ratio and ignition advance Angle correction; 4. Crankshaft position sensor: detects crankshaft and engine speed, and provides ECU as a reference signal to determine ignition timing and working sequence; 5. Oxygen sensor: Detects the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas and provides it to the ECU as a reference signal to control the fuel-air ratio near the optimal value (theoretical value).

Introduction of pressure sensor:

1. Measure the pressure of liquids and gases in the vehicle

2. To control the fuel ratio of climbing time and space; The inner pressure of cylinder is detected to control the ignition advance Angle; Detect waste recirculation flow, engine oil pressure, brake oil pressure, tire air pressure, etc., and react to the relevant quantities.

And the data measured by the automotive pressure sensor can be used to:

1. Operate the system effectively.

2. Check whether the operation is abnormal.

3. Control the operation.

4. Efficient use of resources.

5. Make design changes to further improve performance.

6. Enhance the future portfolio.


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Pressure sensor accessories from caanass feature:



1. Good quality

2. Our models are complete, OEM is complete

3. Strong filtering performance


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