caanass chassis parts spare oil shaft seal

caanass chassis parts spare oil shaft seal


The function of the truck belt is to connect the top to the bottom, the upper connection is the timing wheel of the engine cylinder head, the lower connection is the crankshaft timing wheel; The timing wheel is connected to the camshaft, the camshaft has a CAM, the contact point is a small rocker arm, the rocker arm through the power brought by the timing belt to produce pressure, play the role of the top. The following is the introduction of the truck belt: 1, advantages: the truck belt has been applied in the engine for a long time, the technology is mature, the cost is low, the noise is small, but the need for regular inspection and maintenance, generally 50,000 to 100,000 kilometers need to be replaced. Timing chain has the advantages of compact structure, high transmission power, high reliability and wear resistance, easy maintenance, etc., but compared with the traditional timing belt, its noise is generally slightly larger. 2, toothed mute chain: With the progress of technology, some cars use toothed mute chain, its noise is even lower than the timing belt. It is believed that the wide use of this timing chain will bring more convenience to the majority of car users.


The engine belt generally corresponds to the engine model and is dedicated to the aircraft. Although the price is not expensive, the cost is not high, but because there are too many models, the general repair shop is difficult to reserve a complete range, and only a few commonly used engine models will be prepared. Therefore, it is important for card friends to figure out the model of their engine belt in advance.


There are three main types of engine belt: pump belt, generator belt, air conditioning compressor belt. These belts are arguably the most important on the truck

One of the wearing parts, because after some other parts are damaged, the vehicle can also be driven to the repair shop.



Once the pump belt or generator belt of the engine is broken, it will cause more serious consequences to continue to drive, it is best to stay put and change

Put on a new belt and keep going. The broken air conditioning compressor belt does not affect normal driving, but there is no air conditioning in the hot summer

Yes. What’s more, if the belt breaks suddenly during driving, other parts may be damaged.


Therefore, the old driver or experienced card friend who ran long distances in the past will have several belts on the car for emergency needs. They also regularly monitor the belt for damage or aging.


Common engine belts are divided into V-belt, multi-wedge belt and synchronous belt.


The V-belt and the multi-wedge belt are respectively composed of three parts: the top fabric, the tension line and the bottom rubber, the multi-wedge belt is equivalent to a number of miniature V-belts

Wide and thin, so that it has greater flexibility when surrounding the smaller drive wheel; This allows the multi-wedge belt to be passed in a complex transmission device

The transmission force.


This transmission can drive multiple engine accessories to transmit power. The cost of the multi-wedge belt is higher than that of the ordinary V-belt, and the transmission efficiency is better.

The synchronous belt is composed of the top layer of rubber plus fiber, tension line and the bottom layer of rubber. The tension line is made of a very strong glass fiber. with

The bottom layer of the walking band consists of the teeth of the precision casting mold. Synchronous belt because the gear mesh, so generally will not slip.


The V-belt is the oldest type of engine belt, and also the cheapest. The multi-wedge belt is currently used more in the truck engine, which can drive two or three accessories with one belt, and can be matched with the automatic tightening wheel to achieve automatic adjustment of the tightening force. The V-belt should be equipped with an Angle adjustment device to regularly adjust the tightening force to avoid slipping.


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