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The European truck models at present,for scania,for man,for Volvo,for ievco,for Mercedes,for daf,for Renault. Our Caanass Auto parts company has been established for 20 years,
specializing in providing high-quality and affordable parts for European truck, Chinese bus , Chinese truck, and we uphold the “sincerity.Letter cooperation, create value for
customers “values.

Our Caanass auto Spare parts, the current market is mainly Russia, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia market, we have long-term cooperation partners, including dealers, buyers,

factories, auto parts companies, auto repair factories, we have accumulated 20 years of experience in auto parts salement.

We do our best to service with our partners, Our caanass auto parts, chassis parts, body parts, electronic parts, engine parts, we are mainly used for scania,for man, for Volvo,

for ievco,for Mercedes,for daf,for Renault models, we have a professional team, Caanass and resistance of products Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department, we have

complete models, complete OEM, good quality, there are professionals for your service. Our caanass Auto Parts will offer product promotions and promotions from time to time to

provide you with quality and affordable auto parts.

The chassis of the truck, mainly the chassis is a system, not a single component, it is composed of four parts: transmission, driving, steering and braking. The role of the

chassis is to support the imperial beard and install the assembly of the automobile engine and its components. And accept the movement of the engine Force makes the car move to
ensure normal driving. At present, it includes rotation system, transmission system and driving system.

Truck engine spare parts, mainly have high pressure oil pump, timing, piston, cylinder, crankshaft, size tile, camshaft, cylinder liner, “service filter” mainly oil filtration

, air filtration, oil filtration, fuel nozzle, water pump, gearbox. To meet the market trend, Caanass also has dismantling parts, second-hand gearboxes, second-hand engines, and
professional mechanical masters.

Truck body parts, mainly some body parts of the car, these parts include headlights, rear taillights, front windshield, fog lights, front bumper, rear bumper, shift handle, door

lock, wiper arm, wiper blade, fog lamp, wiper motor, shift line, valve line, combination open Off, hatch lock, combined meter. At present, Caanass sold out a new truck light,

24V, good quality, affordable.

Our Caanass accessories feature:

1. Good quality

2. Complete models

3. Complete OEM

4. Affordable

5. Provide customized services to customers

6. Have a complete system of payment methods, and strive to provide transportation service options, sea, air, express.

7. To provide the original factory accessories is to supply the truck with accessories produced by the factory, with good quality and high price.The auxiliary factory simply
says that the quality can be, durable, affordable. Caanass auto parts are selected according to the needs of customers.

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