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The scientific name of the truck brake wheel is the brake drum, referred to as the brake drum, which is

main component of the drum brake system. The inner surface of the brake drum plays the role of braking when braking. Its manufacturing material is generally gray iron type HT250. In the driver’s improper use of vehicle parts or in the case of serious overload, it can cause fragmentation damage to the brake wheel hub, which often causes injuries in the process of high-speed driving.


The drum brake is composed of brake bottom plate, brake pump, brake shoe and other related connecting rod, spring, pin and brake drum. At present, it is only commonly used in the rear wheel. The drum brake has lower cost and higher absolute braking force, and is more used in the rear wheel of small cars. However, its wear rate is higher, so the overall cost is higher at the same time.


As the name suggests, the brake mechanism of the drum brake is like a drum, its key components are the brake drum and the brake shoe, mainly through the oil pressure to push the brake shoe outward expansion, friction with the brake drum to brake. The disc brake is to use the brake disc to brake, that is, through the hydraulic device, to push the friction sheet and the wheel brake drum friction, through the friction to brake. The following figure is a very intuitive performance of the characteristics of the two brakes, the drum brake is the top of the brake shoe, friction on the inside of the brake drum, such a brake is relatively simple and rough. The disc brake is by pressing the friction plate, and the brake drum friction.



The advantages and disadvantages of drum brake and disc brake

Drum brake This brake method is relatively simple and rough, the structure is relatively simple, and the cost is lower. Because the contact area with the brake drum is larger, the braking force is relatively strong. But the shortcomings are also very obvious, first of all, the heat dissipation effect is relatively poor, because its brake shoes are in the interior, there will be a very obvious thermal attenuation after several sudden braking, and even brake failure, some cars will also appear because the brake overheating and fire phenomenon. In addition, the drum brake needs a closed structure, once wading, sand and dust, foreign bodies will affect the brake. Finally, the brake force of the drum brake is not linear, and compared with the friction brake of the disc brake, the drum brake is difficult to achieve a smooth brake.

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