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Automotive headlight system is one of the necessary systems for safe driving
The headlamp system is mainly composed of headlights, fog lights, overhead lights, license plate lights, instrument lights, reversing lights, reading lights, etc.
The role of the headlamp:
1, to provide lighting to the driver, used to illuminate the road in front of the vehicle, in bad weather or at night to provide a good view;
2, play a warning role, in order to remind the front vehicles and personnel.
The headlamp has a special optical structure compared with other lights, and the basic requirements for it are as follows: The headlamp should ensure that the front of the car at night is bright and uniform
Lighting to enable the driver to identify any obstacles on the road within 100m; The headlamp should have an anti-glare device to avoid the collision between the two cars at night
Driver Fang dazzled and had an accident.
The headlamp is mainly composed of three parts: bulb, reflector and matching mirror.
According to the structure of the mirror, the headlamp can be divided into three types: detachable, semi-closed and closed.
1. The front lens and mirror of the semi-enclosed headlamp are sealed, and the bulb can be disassembled from the back end of the mirror, which has the advantage of convenient maintenance, but the mirror is easy to be contaminated.
2.Detachable headlamp due to poor air tightness, the reflector is susceptible to moisture and dust pollution and reduce reflection ability
3. The fully enclosed headlamp reflector and front lens are fused as a whole, and the filament is welded directly on the base of the reflector, which has the advantage that reflection can be completely avoided
The mirror is contaminated, but the entire assembly needs to be replaced after the filament is burned out, and the maintenance cost is high.
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Caanass auto parts headlamp features:
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3. The lamp has high brightness and long life
4. The bulb shell is made of quartz glass with high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength


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