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Product introduction of truck disc brake pads
The main function of the truck disc brake pad is to stop the truck brake disc dragging the moving tire to produce friction to reduce the speed of the vehicle.
Butterfly truck brake pads are all attributed to disc brakes, disc brakes, brake pads of calipers, and brake discs linked to the wheel that interact while braking until the wheel stops turning. Maintenance is simple, so many people choose to use disc brake pads, disc brakes are also easy to keep low temperature, car brakes, often produce a lot of heat and friction, these heat will reduce the brake resistance. The disc brake has an exhaust port, which allows the heat to dissipate quickly.
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The truck’s disc brake pads
Advantages of butterfly brake pads for trucks:
1. The heat dissipation of the truck disc is better than that of the truck drum brake, and it will not cause brake recession and brake failure when stepping on the brake continuously.
2, the change in the size of the truck brake disc after heating does not increase the travel of the brake pedal.
3, the response of the truck disc system is fast, and it can do high frequency braking action, so it is more in line with the needs of the ABS system.
4, the truck disc does not have the automatic tightening effect of the drum brake, so the braking force of the left and right wheels is relatively average.
5, because the drainage of the truck brake disc is better, it can reduce the situation of poor braking due to water or sediment.
6, compared with the truck drum brake, the truck disc is simple in structure and easy to maintain.
Disadvantages of truck butterfly brake pads:
1, because there is no automatic tightening effect of the drum brake of the truck, the brake force of the disc brake is lower than that of the drum brake.
2. The friction area between the brake pad of the truck disc and the truck brake disc is smaller than that of the drum brake, so that the brake force is relatively small.
3, in order to improve the shortcomings of the above truck disc, so the need for a larger stampede force or oil pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to use a larger diameter brake disc, or to increase the oil pressure of the brake system to improve the brake force.
4, the truck’s hand brake device is not easy to install, and some rear wheel models using disc brakes are equipped with a set of drum brake hand brake mechanism.
5, the truck brake pads wear larger, resulting in higher replacement frequency may be higher.
Our caanass truck disc brake auto parts feature:
1. Good quality, strong heat dissipation, rapid response, strong water drainage, simple model, can be automatically adjusted, easy maintenance.
2. Complete models
3. Complete OEM
4. Affordable
5. Provide customized services to customers
6. Have a complete system of payment methods, and strive to provide transportation service options, sea, air, express.
7. To provide the original factory accessories is to supply the truck with accessories produced by the factory, with good quality and high price.
The auxiliary factory simply says that the quality can be, durable, affordable. caanass auto parts according to customers to choose according to their own needs.


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