Grain can also be changed to trucks.Scania shows G410 special grain transporter in Argentina!

In the domestic market, Scania mostly appears on the highway as a logistics express tractor, but in other countries, Scania can be seen for various purposes. Not long ago, at the Argentina Agricultural Expo Expoagro, Scania showed a G410 6×2 truck dedicated to grain transportation.

This truck expands Scania’s application in the Argentine market, from mixer trucks, dump trucks, refrigerated trucks to grain transporters. Scania stands out among various brands with short delivery times and customized according to market needs. The car body is easy for users to maintain.

This Scania G410 6×2 grain carrier is optimized for grain and general load transportation. It is equipped with a DC13 inline six-cylinder diesel engine, with a maximum output of 410 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2150 Nm. The gearbox comes from Scania ’s own 12-speed Optricruise AMT gearbox.

In the Argentine market, this G410 6×2 will be used in conjunction with a 9.3-meter full trailer with a maximum total connection weight of 52.5 tons. The bumper has been reinforced and can be protected to a certain extent when passing through non-paved road sections. The 6-meter-long guide rail in the cargo box is not only used for grain transportation, but also suitable for general cargo palletizing.

At the expo, Scania launched a grain purchase plan in Argentina. For agricultural users, this makes it convenient to buy Scania trucks, use grain as a currency to operate, and receive tax incentives from the Argentine country when trading, which is special for users in other fields. treatment. Lucas Woinilowicz, business development manager of Scania Argentina, stressed that agriculture is one of the pillars of the Argentine economy, and Expoagro is an ideal place to explore these new opportunities.

It is reported that in the Argentine market, the grain exchange program has already been implemented in other passenger car brands such as Nissan and Toyota, but among truck brands, only Scania can provide this program.

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