The new DAF road test is unveiled again, the larger cab is more comfortable

Recently, a Dutch truck driver, Rangco Kieft, discovered the DAF (Duff) tractor being tested on the road.

From the photos, the camouflage board still covered by the cab of the DAF tractor under test can hardly see the shape of the new model.

Driven by the new EU regulations, the road test vehicle uses a larger cab. At the same time, it also increases the space in the car to provide drivers with better comfort.

Viewed from the rear of the cab, the new model should be a flat-floor cab, and the driver’s bed and storage space in the car are also more abundant.

The tool box opening is located on the right side of the driver’s door. From the view of the opening area, the volume of this tool box should be considerable. The urea tank is located under the cab toolbox.

We compared the current DAF XF models and found that the front axle of the vehicle is also slightly behind, leaving a larger area and a straighter angle for the boarding pedal.

As one of the seven golden flowers of Ouka, DAF’s cab comfort has always been recognized as the best number one. According to the photos of the current test car, DAF is also creating a better space for the comfort of the new truck.

The large roof lights on the roof were replaced by two small lights, and the white light guide bar appeared in the lower headlights. The visual observation was the LED daytime running lights, which might also integrate the function of LED turn signals.

As MAN and VOLVO release new successor models one after another, we will wait and see when the new DAF truck will be unveiled.


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