How much can a Scania truck hit? The total mileage of 11 years of operation is more than 3 million, and the brake pads have not been changed

What is the concept of 3 million kilometers? This mileage can go around the earth 75 times, from the earth to the moon 8 times. Such a high mileage is rarely achieved in China. If it is said that the vehicle can be kept in good condition without major repairs at this mileage, it is even more rare. This article will take you to see a car that has ran 3 million kilometers without major repairs. , Scania G380 that has not even changed the brake pads.

Weiguang Logistics is a well-known logistics company in Weihai, Shandong. At the beginning of its establishment in 1999, it has been 21 years since this old logistics gun has been associated with Scania for 11 years. The protagonist of this article G380 is Weihai. The first Scania heavy truck purchased by Guangzhou Logistics is also the company’s hero car.

With the development of the company, Weiguang Logistics purchased more Scanias, and recently added two Scania S500 heavy trucks, becoming the first logistics company with S series in Jiaodong Peninsula. Although a new car was purchased, the owner and company boss did not dispose of it because of their feelings for Scania’s old car. Instead, they resolutely left it behind and planned the refurbishment of this retired car. .

The lower part of the air intake grille flip is also a standard design since the 4 series. After opening the lower air intake grille, you can use the hidden towing hook, and it can also be used as a pedal. The back of the air intake grille has rubber antiskid The steel connection can also withstand larger loads and is a very user-friendly design.

The damping mechanism of the cab is still a traditional four-point mechanical spring suspension, and two rubber pads are installed on the rear shock absorber to limit the damping stroke of the cab and prevent conflicts with other components.

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