Scania releases pure electric truck with a cruising range of 250 kilometers

Gasgoo News According to foreign media reports, Scania has released the first pure electric truck. The new car has a cruising range of up to 250 kilometers and can safely return to the charging location after working all day. If it is necessary to extend the cruising range, the driver can use the fast charging pile to charge the truck while resting.

There are two versions of the truck to choose from. The first version is equipped with 5 batteries, with a total capacity of 165 kWh and a cruising range of 130 kilometers. The second version is equipped with 9 batteries, with a total installed capacity of 300 kWh and a maximum cruising range of 250 kilometers. The specific cruising range also depends on the weight, type and terrain of the cargo.

After the internal combustion engine was removed, the battery was placed in the original engine position, and an additional battery was also mounted on the chassis frame of the vehicle. The vehicle’s electric motor can output 230 kW (about 310 horsepower) of power, has two gears, can provide high power at higher speeds, thereby improving the comfort of the vehicle. Compared with internal combustion engines, one of the main advantages of electric motors is their high controllability. In practice, this can be experienced through faster acceleration and faster dynamic system response.

In addition to the battery, other components required for pure electric vehicles are installed on the vehicle chassis, such as battery management units, battery cooling components, electric hydraulic steering systems, electric air compressors, and inverters.

Scania’s electric trucks are equipped with CCS charging connectors and can be charged from the grid. When using a 130 kW DC charging, the 5 battery pack version can be charged in 55 minutes, and the 9 battery pack version requires 100 minutes to charge. In addition, this truck can also be charged through regenerative braking.

Anders Lampinen, Scania’s new technology director, said: “Sustainable zero-emission transportation is increasingly demanding for transportation companies. Purchasing electric trucks is not only an investment in customer fleets, but also an investment in their brands and markets. Electric trucks allow customers to Stay ahead of the competition, understand the challenges of infrastructure, and start adapting to future developments.”

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