The rendering of the DAF XT long-headed car is exposed. I just want to say: really handsome!

Recently, we saw a rendering of the appearance of the Duff XT long-head car on a foreign website. The Duff XT in the picture uses the blue + orange paint of the Duff XF, with a silver body pull-out, part of the appearance The value is absolutely high enough, plus the long head shape, it can be said that this rendering of DAF XT can leave a very impressive impression.

In fact, the DAF XT is not a product in the DAF product line. It appeared because a logistics company named “A. Jansen BV” found a local truck modification factory in the Netherlands and converted two DAF XFs with flat heads. Growing up, and named Duff XT, it was only Duff XT.

However, after all, Duff XT is not a product of Duff Gen, and it may be limited by the cost of modification. Therefore, Duff XT has not become popular in Europe. This time, this new Duff XT will not likely go from the picture. reality.

However, considering that the European truck modification market already has a mature flat-to-truck to long-to-head system, and more models have entered our vision (Scania’s long-tooth models are a good example). Whether more fresh European long-head trucks will enter our vision in the future is still something to look forward to, and we will continue to pay attention.

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