Three Filter

(i) “Three filters” is a long-established synonym in the industry, which stands for the three commonly used automotive accessories, namely oil filters, fuel filters and air filters. They act as intermediary filters for the lubrication system, the fuel system and the engine intake system.

The fuel filters include diesel filters, petrol filters and gas filters.

This oil filters include three types of oil filters: interchangeable, spin-on and centrifugal;

The air filters include dry air filters and wet air filters.

The “three filters” of caanass are of good quality and are mainly used for European trucks, Chinese trucks and Chinese buses; the European trucks are mainly used for Man, Iveco,Volvo, MERCEDES, Scania, Daf, RENAULT; the Chinese buses are mainly used for Yutong, Zhongtong, Jinlong, Higer, Ankai; the Chinese trucks are mainly used for Howo,SHACMAN,Faw,Foton.

Our main target markets are Africa, America, South East Asia and Russia.

(ii) Oil filters are available in full-flow and split-flow versions. Full-flow filters are connected in series between the oil pump and the main oil passage, so they filter all the lubricant entering the main oil passage. The split-flow filter is connected in parallel with the main oil passage and filters only part of the oil sent by the oil pump.

Technical features:

  1. Filter paper: oil filters have high requirements for the filter paper of the air filter, as the oil temperature changes highly and the concentration of the oil changes accordingly, affecting the filtering flow of the oil. The filter paper of a high quality oil filter filters impurities at high temperature changes, while ensuring sufficient flow.
  2. Rubber seal: The filter seal of high quality oil is made of special rubber synthesis to ensure 100% no oil leakage.
  3. Check valve: only available in high quality oil filters. When the engine is switched off, it prevents the oil filter from drying out; when the engine is switched back on, it immediately generates pressure and supplies oil to lubricate the engine.
  4. Bypass valve: only available in high quality oil filters. When the external temperature drops to a specific value or when the oil filter exceeds its normal service life, the relief valve opens under special pressure and allows unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine.

Product replacement


  1. Drain or vacuum the old engine oil.
  2. Loosen the set screw and remove the old oil filter.

c.Apply a layer of oil to the seal of the new oil filter.

  1. Install the new oil filter and tighten the set screw.

Replacement interval:

Replace once every six months.

Features of Caanass oil filters:

  1. Filtration accuracy
  2. Oil flow rate in accordance with the engine oil demand
  3. High ash holding capacity
  4. Adaptability to high oil temperatures and corrosive environments
  5. Long service life.

(iii) Air filter

Air filter is a kind of filter, also called air cartridge, air filter, style, etc. There are mainly filter type, centrifugal type and oil bath type. It is mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, sterile operation rooms and various precision operation rooms.

Installation and use

  1. When installing, whether the air filter is connected with the engine intake pipe by flange, rubber tube or direct connection, it must be tight and reliable to prevent air leakage, and rubber washers must be installed on both ends of the filter element; the wing nut fixing the outer cover of the air filter must not be tightened too much to avoid crushing the paper filter element.
  2. During maintenance, the paper filter element must not be put in oil for cleaning, otherwise the paper filter element will fail and may also cause flying accidents. When maintaining, only the vibration method, soft brush removal method (to be brushed along with its wrinkles) or compressed air back-blowing method can be used to remove the dust and dirt attached to the surface of the paper cartridge. For the coarse filter section, dust should be removed from the dust collection area, the blades and the cyclone tube in time. Even if each time can be carefully maintained, the paper cartridge can not fully restore the original performance, its air inlet resistance will increase, therefore, generally when the paper cartridge needs to be maintained for the 4th time, it should be replaced with a new cartridge. If the paper cartridge is ruptured, perforated or the filter paper and end cap are deglued, it should be replaced immediately.
  3. When in use, the paper core air filter should be prevented from being wet by rain, because once the paper core has absorbed a large amount of water, it will greatly increase the air intake resistance and shorten the mission. In addition, the paper core air filter must not come into contact with oil or fire.

Features of Caanass air filters:

  1. Is high filtration efficiency
  2. Compact construction

iii. Does not consume oil during maintenance and also saves a lot of material such as cotton yarn, felt and metal materials

  1. is of good quality and low cost.

(iv) Fuel filters

There are three types of fuel filters: Diesel filter, Fuel Filter and Gas filter. The function of the fuel filter is to stop particles, water and impurities in the fuel and to protect the delicate components of the fuel system from wear and tear and other damage.


Fuel filter replacement intervals

The recommended replacement interval for fuel filters varies according to the structure, performance and use of the vehicle every 20,000 km.

It is not possible to generalise. Most vehicle manufacturers have a recommended replacement interval of 48,000km for external filters for normal maintenance; the recommended interval for conservative maintenance is 1.92 to 2.0km.

The recommended replacement interval for conservative maintenance is 19,200 to 24,000km.

Fuel filter maintenance

Recommended replacement time: every 20,000km.

Notes on the use of the petrol filter replacement

(1) After replacing and installing the petrol filter and oil filter, pay attention to the sealing of the interface to prevent oil leakage;

(2) For the air and air conditioning compartments, ensure that the overall seal is maintained after replacement;

(3) Take care of the petrol compartment and try to use the matching standard petrol specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

(4) The filter is marked with an arrow for the inlet and outlet, so do not install it backwards when replacing it.

Features of Canassian fuel filters: 1:

  1. Resistant to wear and tear
  2. Good quality
  3. Large capacity
  4. High temperature resistance
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