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The caanass’s spare parts wiper arm is generally black, which is a tool for simple cleaning on the front glass of truck and bus in order to prevent rain and other dirt from affecting the line of sight.
The source of the wiper arm is that in 1917, an American O ‘She a drove on a rainy night in Buffalo, New York, accidentally injuring a cyclist.
A teenager. In order to prevent such accidents from happening again, he invented a metal pole with grooving rubber strips.
However, with the hand-lined cars of the time, it was quite dangerous to shake the wiper brush while driving, so he developed a drive with the speed of the car engine
The problem is that the wiper swings with the speed of the car, and the wiper stops with the traffic jam or stop. Later he was in 1917
Successfully combined wiper connecting rod and motor, becoming the ancestor of modern wiper arm.
Carnes wiper arm is suitable for city bus, bus models are mainly use for Yutong bus , for Zhongtong bus, for higer bus, for kinglong bus.
For the howo, auto works, for fonton truck, for scania truck, for iveco truck,for Volvo truck, for Mercedes truck, for actros truck, for man truck,for RENAULIT truck,for DAF truck.
(1) The key to a good role of the wiper arm is that the rubber wiper strip can maintain sufficient moisture. Only with sufficient wetness can it have a fault
Good toughness to maintain tight contact with the window glass.
(2) So there is no garage car friends, should develop the habit of wiping the front window with a wet cloth every morning before the car.
(3) Car friends with garages should develop the habit of cleaning the front window when they return to the garage every night.
(4) During the drive, when the rain drops, do not rush to open the wiper brush.
(5) The wiper arm is best to use the second gear, continuous back and forth wiper brush.
(6) When the road stops, the wiper does not stop the wiper in a hurry.
Operating principle
(1) The power source of the wiper comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system.
(2) The wiper motor adopts a 3-brush structure to facilitate speed change.
(3) There is a wiper control twist on the handle of the automobile combination switch, which is provided with three gears: low speed, high speed and intermittent.
(4) The principle of bone wiper is to press the wiper arm blade on the glass through a number of support points on the skeleton, so that the pressure of the various support points on the wiper blade
Not even.
(5) Boneless wiper brush relies on a whole guide bar to disperse the pressure, so that the force of each part of the blade is uniform, which can reduce the generation of water marks and scratch marks.
Achieve better scraping effect.
Maintenance guide
1, sunny days use wiper brush to remove dust on the windshield surface, be sure to spray glass water, can not dry scraping.
2, there are other stubborn, hard dirt on the glass, should be manually cleaned. These things are easy to make the wiper blade hurt, resulting in the wiper brush is not clean
. In severe cases, the motor of the wiper arm will also be affected.
3, car washing and daily cleaning need to lift the wiper blade, to hold the “back” of the wiper blade, put gently back, can not snap the wiper blade back.
4, winter use, should first use the ice shovel to clean the windshield surface of the ice ballast, so as not to increase the burden of the wiper.
Selection method
There are roughly two types of wiper arm, one is the traditional intermittent type, which is the most common wiper, there are three to four sections, by the driver according to the rain
And the sight condition to make adjustments; The other is the raindrop induction type, which is mostly used in middle and advanced models. A good wiper must be resistant to heat, cold and acid
Alkali, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield, reduce the burden of the motor, low noise, strong water, soft quality does not scratch the windshield and other characteristics, can make your vision
Clear. Maintenance personnel recommend that in order to ensure your driving safety, the wiper is best replaced once a year.
1. According to the reference manual, the wiper should see the model and specifications
2. Check whether the support rod is connected to the rocker arm of the wiper blade in the same way. Because some arms are fixed to the rocker arm with screws, and some are locked with a convex buckle.
3. Pull up the wiper arm brush and touch the clean rubber wiper arm brush with your fingers to check whether there is damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade is aged
Hardening, cracks appear, the wiper brush is not qualified.
4. During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds.
5. Check the wiper arm scraping status and whether the wiper support rod swings unevenly or leaks.
6. During the test, attention should be paid to whether the motor has abnormal noise, indicating that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper arm is rusty or stuck, and the wiper should be closed immediately
Switch to prevent burning motor.
7. The longer the length of the wiper blade, the larger the brush area, the better the field of vision.
Prolong life
1. Clean up regularly
2. Use water sandpaper. When the wiper blade appears poor wiper, try the following method to see if you can make it regain youth
3. Avoid dry scraping without water.
4. Use in moderation.
5. Apply the wiper blade of the original car
Types of wiper:
1. Working style
There are two kinds of wipers arm, one is the traditional intermittent type, the other is the induction type automatic wiper arm, this new wiper arm can greatly improve rainy driving
Convenience and safety, originally only equipped in high-end cars, are developing from high-end cars to mid-range cars.
2. Divide by keel
Bone wipers and boneless wipers
Bone wiper refers to the wiper keel can be seen outside, boneless wiper is not really no keel.
Daily check wiper methods:
1. Spray some cleaning liquid, start the wiper brush, pay attention to whether its action is smooth, listen to whether there is a larger sound, if there is, it means the wiper brush
That’s outrageous.
Pressure to the glass, must make the appropriate adjustment.
2. When the wiper is finished one or two times, see if there is water left on the windshield, and then see if there will be some scratches, if it is obvious
If you see scratches, it means that the wiper strip on the wiper has aged.
3. In general, the rubber strip should be replaced once a year to eliminate the wiper arm failure and replace the aging wiper arm blade in time.
Features of Carnes wiper wiper:
1. Good quality
2. High cost performance
3. The toughness of the wiper arm is good
4. The quality of the windshield wipers arm made by Carnes is better than that of the original

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